Plasmonic communications

The following article, and references therein, give a concise overview of the use of plasmonic structures for the transfer of information.

Plasmonic Communications: Light on a Wire, Juerg Leuthold and colleagues, Optics & Photonics News, May 2013, pp. 30-35.

New plasmonic devices are coming. They can be 100 times smaller and 1,000 times faster than current photonic devices. If we can fill the plasmonic “toolbox” and optimize performance, we will enjoy ultra-compact, integratable plasmonic transceivers with footprints of 1–100 µm2. At first, these devices may be used in novel highly integrated chip-to-chip interconnects. But as soon as we can overcome the high loss bottleneck, plasmonic devices will make their way into state-of-the-art wavelength-division multiplexing systems—and perhaps a new plasmonic revolution will begin.


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