Tracking Scientific Literature

Below is a scheme with which it becomes possible to systematically track the set of papers & books that falls within one’s interests. As a prerequisite to setting up such a system you need

  • a list of key papers for which you would like to track the forward references to,
  • a list of authors that publish in the field of interest,
  • a list of keywords that as precisely as possible define the topics of interest,
  • a list of journals to follow.

Once you have drafted these lists then you can use tools such as Google Scholar (alternatively ISI Web of Science) for citation information, an RSS Reader that lets you gather, store & filter feeds based on key words (such as Tiny Tiny RSS) and a web server to run the reader to set up your information tracking system. Lastly, and most importantly, you’d need to reserve time in your schedule for periodic reviews of the flood of information that comes through various channels sketched below.


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